The Quotable

Dreaming Sudan

You have left that dust-filled

land of opportunity, left

smiling faces and games,

weathered nights with no home,

left song and merriment and grit.

Your purposeful stride held you

sure, even in the leaving …

Now those who remain

continue to stream into your dreams,

jostling and melding–

collaged moments calling your name.

Hands clasp and cling

to hope – the guarding of tomorrow.

Their green memory sings

out of parched lips,

breathes again old stories

to guide faltering feet –

a cadenced march toward peace.

And you, here now, sleeping.

Bringing them home.



Julie Stuckey grew up in Pennsylvania, graduated from the University of Delaware in business and currently lives in Pawling, New York.  She has had numerous poems published online, in print journals and in anthologies, including: Apropos Literary Journal, Ardent, Blast Furnace, Dead Mule, Prairie Wolf Press Review, Seven Hills Review, Shark Reef, Verdad and Wilderness House Literary Review.

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The Quotable - Issue 5 "Place"